Memories of Homes

“Memories of Home” Is about a kampung/village in the midst of Jakarta metropolitan city and the people, including my big family and me. Located in Jakarta’s fancy location known as the ‘Golden Triangle”, Kampung Muria is only a five minutes car ride from the hearts of Indonesian’s VVIP housing complex. 

Kampung is a term applied to traditional villages where indigenous people live. Sometimes the term is also used by the people of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, referring to urban slum areas and enclosed developments or neighbourhoods within towns and big cities. So you can imagine the contrast of both neighbourhoods, my Kampung Muria and our fancy neighbours in the Golden Triangle.   

Due to its strategic location, from the 1990’s until today, giant property developers had been approaching the villagers individually to persuade the people living in Kampung Muria to sell their homes and lands. Some succeeded and immediately demolished the properties they can get their hands on. Those who remain, try hard to hold on to their houses, expecting for better deals and higher prices. 

“Place can be erased, but memories not” malahayati 2019